Enjoying the wonders of the creek with a fantastic girl! The rushing water + the sunshine + the girl = perfect! 

Gathering beautiful moments during the wistful spring days leading up to graduation...

Her sunshine filled the frame, and it was clear she followed her own stars.....

Wisteria, soft curls, and the golden hour... Add an infectious laugh and a head for business- this girl has a promising future stretching out before her! 

Switching roles, here I am in front of the camera for once- feeling a bit goofy, maybe, but still having a great time:)


Abi is keeping the Austin Firefighter tradition alive (complete with Dalmatian)! When you're the daughter of an Austin fireman, you get to have a few senior portraits like this one:) Abi had an exciting and varied shoot that ranged from a debutante dress in the studio, to fireproof gear on South Congress - thanks for the amazing experience Abi!


I found her amongst the hummingbirds, dancing with the wind... Kelly is an actor, and I loved the way this image captured her timeless and romantic beauty - she looks like a starlet from the golden age!

All the stars aligned, and it was you.
Happy Birthday Hunter!

Always Home - SoCo Street Style

There’s nothing like a little hometown pride! Austin High seniors Anna and Hailey rocked the camera with their fun-loving spirit. When I envisioned the shoot, I really wanted to capture their sophisticated style - while still staying true to the funky vibe of SoCo, which is so emblematic of our beautiful city. I especially wanted to make a lovely time capsule for these good friends to look back on when they are away at school next year- because while they may not feel it yet, they’re sure to miss their hometown (and each other!).  

From the mosaic peacock sculptures, to Allen Boots and antique trucks, to the San Jose, South Congress Hotel, and Hey Cupcake, we explored it all. The contrast of the girl’s high fashion outfits against the rustic feel of old South Austin were fantastic pair - and I think it’s safe to say we all had a blast!

Makeup and styling by StephanieAesthetics.

Things That Last

"Where is your favorite photograph from two years ago?" It's a question I'll ask my clients when they are considering which images they'd like to have me print as archival photographs. If you're like most people, it's tough to put your finger on a digital picture you loved. Is it still on your phone or ipad? Is it somewhere in the cloud? Or, maybe it's on the aging desktop computer at home. Digital photographs are enjoyed for a moment, but then are quickly buried by the onslaught of images we view and consume daily. 


Whenever I deliver a canvased senior portrait, I can see how it instantly becomes a treasured possession by my client -- it's a beautiful object infused with deep emotional value that they can have and hold. In our world of quick fixes and digital everything, I am privileged to offer something that will grow in significance with the passage of time.   

I recently ran across interesting article about the importance of printing photographs (not that anyone needed to convince me!).  

So, when I read that 22% of all hard drives fail after four years, I was floored - flash drives and DVD's aren't much better, with a lifespan of only 1-10 years. Can you imagine losing all of the memories from your childhood or high school (especially senior year) in a flash? All it takes is a failed hard drive, power surge, or lost phone, and poof! They're gone. 

This is why I think it is so important to continue to turn digital images into beautiful printed portraits you can enjoy in your home, and why I put so much care into every portrait I create. 

Here are a few highlights from the article - you can read the whole thing here, at Mohawk Paper

People think digital media will always be there—but that’s not necessarily the case - I have boxes of family photos from the 1800s. But when my daughter’s hard drive crashed, she lost all the baby pictures of her second child. People don’t realize it until they lose things.
— Mary Molinaro, leading educator with the Library of Congress’s Digital Preservation Outreach and Education program
Family photos will be important to our descendants ... and we’re facing a “forgotten generation” or even a forgotten century.... If there are photographs you care about, print them out.
— Vint Cerf (Chief Internet Evangelist, Google)


We want to help you make a treasure from your senior year. Make it count, and make it last!

Hometown Memories on South Congress

We had the best time with Anna and Hailey on South Congress yesterday!
It was a beautiful shoot, and a perfect way to capture some hometown-nostalgia before the rest of their senior year flies by. 

We started with a makeup session by Stephanie at the studio, and then we all headed down to South Congress, where the real adventure began!

We wanted to give the girls a session they would both remember, and be able to look back on as a beautiful portrait of their friendship, and of their senior year. We found some unique and unexpected locations - and even a few friendly locals who helped out for a few shots (we'll show you those later!)

Because there is not a college freshman in the world that doesn't get homesick (especially for a beautiful city like ours), we thought South Congress, with it's quintessential Austin vibe and funky scenery, would be the perfect time capsule for them to remember home when they are away at school! 



Fall is finally here!


We are so glad to be waking up to chilly Austin mornings, after a long hot summer. One of my favorite things is to pull out my boots and sweaters and start putting together outfits for the transition into cooler days.

Here is a little behind the scenes look at one of Kennedy's outfits from her senior session yesterday.

Her wide-brimmed, Boho hat, and the fall colors in her dress blend the feeling of a crisp autumn day with a summer music festival. The combination of maroon, off-white, and slate gray made for a beautiful fall color palette. We thought it perfectly expressed her elegant and eclectic style!

2016 Westlake Choir!

We are so excited to share our new ad for the Westlake choir concerts with you!

We truly love supporting our local schools - this student-run fundraiser helps to fund the Junior/Senior Choir Spring Trip, voice lessons, choir merchandise, and will help pay to print the programs for all of the concerts throughout the year. So keep an eye out seniors- this ad will run in every choir concert program of the school year! 

We have photographed quite a few choir members over the years - and we also just want to take this opportunity to thank all of our seniors (choir or otherwise!) for their wonderful love and energy  - we couldn't do it without amazing YOU!!

Makeup : Trending Natural

We love makeup that allows your natural beauty to shine through! 

Our makeup artist Stephanie specializes in creating exactly this kind of look, and she worked with one of our 2016 seniors, Carli, to do just that. Today you'll get a peek behind the scenes with her before and after!

Carli is already so beautiful on her own - with that tousled hair, and those lovely almond shaped eyes - that Stephanie just used a few of her secret tricks to emphasize what was already there!

She started by balancing Carli's already fabulous skin for a dewy, natural look. Then, with a little brow work, and a subtle smokey eye, she made Carli's already bright eyes really sparkle.  She completed the look with an understated lip, to allow Carli's sweet smile to shine while keeping the focus on those baby blues.

If you're looking for a little DIY fun, we also really love this short tutorial (Link) from local Austin makeup company W3ll People, on their no-makeup-makeup look.

Are you ready for your own natural beauty to shine? For your session you can go PRO or DIY with your makeup, but either way your senior portraits will be fabulous!

Get in touch today to book your fall session. And let us know if you love the look - it's always great to hear your feedback!



Fall Equinox | A Summer Memory


Our summer rains were something to cheer about for sure! In the many years we have lived in Austin there have only been a handful of times the water was high enough in Barton Creek to allow us to make the crazy hike from our back yard, holding our inner tubes, plopping into the creek and floating for three hours to the Mopac bridge. This was one of those years and it was magic! Such a sweet memory. 


Thanks to the anonymous photographer who snapped this shot and kindly texted it to my phone that was left high and dry at home. I love the green belt for everything it has given me both personally and professionally!  It's an amazing jewel.