Magic - It's a real thing.


“It’s in there!” I say this after every shoot. The feeling that I have captured something personal about my subject grows as I work. The funny thing is, I never know exactly when the magic will strike; when our conversation, a fleeting expression and a passing cloud will combine to create a “that’s it” image. I know it’s not just luck, but I’m still so humble when it comes to pinpointing the magic of creating a compelling photograph.

One thing I know for sure; it’s not about trying to control everything or holding back waiting for perfection. I can’t think of two bigger magic killers! It’s about trusting that when we ease into the flow of working together, that real and beautiful stuff is going to show up. That combination is irresistible. It doesn’t hurt that I’m forever fascinated with light; how it wraps around a face, sets a mood and where it can be found. But the most important part is the experience shared in making photographs, it’s that connection, that has nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with the beauty of the moment. It’s also what keeps me returning to the camera, day after day, year after year. I often think of the session as a dance, sometimes I follow your lead and sometimes you follow mine. And in the end, they’re always in there, hidden between the frames, the gems of your most vibrant self.