The Bike!

I mentioned in my previous post why I find photographs that convey motion visually interesting and compelling. Here I’d like to share a little on how I turned my desire for motion in my portraits into something fun, beautiful and a little nostalgic.

I bought a bike. I looked for a while to find one that had some character and a vintage feel. I finally found one online that seemed to have good bones, and hubby and I set out for east Austin to take a look. I took it for a spin around the block and believed the seller when he said it was German antique. I later found out he was probably telling the truth because when both tires went flat the next day, the parts needed to fix it were almost impossible to find! Here is a pic of it in the studio after Steve took the whole thing apart to clean, adjust and repair -- all so I could have motion in my portraits during a shoot!! Have I mentioned what a great guy he is?

Anyway, we did get it put back together and I am taking it with me sometimes on my early morning sessions. I’ve also included a few shots of two lovely clients who show how beautiful it can be to simply ride a bike. It’s a little bit rickety and you’d never win a race with it, but I find it offers a sweet sense of freedom, fun and flow to an image that I find magical. Plus, you can’t help but smile when you’re riding and I love to see that funny, little kid, wonder that bubbles up when people take it for a spin. Motion at it’s best. Let me know if you want that spontaneity in your session and we’ll bring the bike along, prepare to laugh out loud!