The Close of 2014 -- Breakthrough Austin


Some years ago a client introduced me to Breakthrough Austin. This organization provides a path to college, starting in middle school, for low-income students who will be first generation college graduates. We have been supporting their efforts ever since, as I believe there is nothing better than a good education to prosper in life. I am a first generation college graduate and was a real late bloomer when it came to getting my Masters of Fine Arts degree, which I received in 2012! But I understand the difference my education has made in my life.

As the year draws to a close and Stevie is home from her first semester of college, I’m thinking about how fortunate we are that she has found such a good fit for her undergraduate studies. I know the final decision of which school to attend is a big deal for high school seniors and their parents. The focus is usually on where to go to college rather than if a student is going to qualify for college.

I was honored this year when Breakthrough Austin asked me to photograph one of their up and coming success stories. He is currently in the Breakthrough program and his determination and charm are carrying him toward the goal of being the first to graduate from college in his family. It was a such a pleasure to meet him and create his photographs.

If you are looking for a local organization to put you support behind for 2015, take a look a Breakthrough Austin, I bet you’ll like what you see!