Always Home - SoCo Street Style

There’s nothing like a little hometown pride! Austin High seniors Anna and Hailey rocked the camera with their fun-loving spirit. When I envisioned the shoot, I really wanted to capture their sophisticated style - while still staying true to the funky vibe of SoCo, which is so emblematic of our beautiful city. I especially wanted to make a lovely time capsule for these good friends to look back on when they are away at school next year- because while they may not feel it yet, they’re sure to miss their hometown (and each other!).  

From the mosaic peacock sculptures, to Allen Boots and antique trucks, to the San Jose, South Congress Hotel, and Hey Cupcake, we explored it all. The contrast of the girl’s high fashion outfits against the rustic feel of old South Austin were fantastic pair - and I think it’s safe to say we all had a blast!

Makeup and styling by StephanieAesthetics.