High School Seniors

Siblings :: Senior Portraits Over The Years

Whenever a child leaves home to venture out into this wonderful and complicated world, it’s a big deal. It doesn’t matter if it’s our first child, the last, or one in between, they all have their special place in our hearts and in our family unit. I’m so fortunate that I get to create something that is left behind when their feet hit the road and their future is in their hands.

Here are a few of the graduates from the class of 2014 and their siblings who I have photographed over previous years. These are clients who have canvas portraits on their walls of each child as they reach the milestone of their senior year. They make pretty beautiful collections. I’ve been shooting in Austin since 2001. I realize now how much I enjoy seeing the children I worked with years ago grow, change and experience the excitement that comes with leaving home. I don’t work with large family groups anymore, I love the artistic nature of having just one subject in front of my lens, photographing a high school senior fills that creative challenge perfectly. I’m always thrilled to be making portraits of the next graduating senior in a family.

A closer look at these young people reveal amazing similarities and differences. While I’m photographing a sibling, the tilt of the head or the flash of a smile can take me right back to a different session with an older brother or sister. And yet, these kids come across as such individuals. When I listen to their dreams and aspirations, it’s so clear they are uniquely their own spirits -- and it is their time to fly!